Travel Risk Management

In view of globalization, international networking and worldwide operations, it increasingly happens that employees have to be sent to high risk countries.Since 2007, med con team has developed an extensive approach to Travel Risk Management in order to ensure maximum security for your employees in any situation in deployments abroad.

Speed, transparency and flexibility
make the difference.

With the Travel Risk Management solution offered by med con team you, as an employer, are fully covered in terms of employer welfare and information obligations. Your company will be supported in the areas of HR, Global Mobility, Travel Management, Occupational Medicine and Travel Security.

Your benefits with med con team:

24/7 alarm equipped with medical personnel


Worldwide country information and risk assessments in real time

Travel security and crisis management consulting

Mandatory occupational health precautions via video conference for working under special climatic conditions and where there is a risk of infection.

Own customer phone number

Doctor and hospital recommendations

Cost Containment

Repatriations to Germany or your home country

Medical and safety care for expatriates (incl. family)

E-Learning modules for travellers

First Aid courses for frequent travellers to risk areas

Travel Management Consulting

Video consultation with the med con team physician on duty