Travel Risk Management

In view of globalization, international networking and worldwide operations, it increasingly happens that employees have to be sent to high risk countries.Since 2007, med con team has developed an extensive approach to Travel Risk Management in order to ensure maximum security for your employees in any situation in deployments abroad.

Travel Risk Management - for safe business trips 

Anyone going on a business trip should be well prepared and equipped for emergencies. Travel Risk Management is specifically designed for business trips and protects travellers against all possible risks. Since every company has a duty of care to its employees, certain factors must be taken into account while traveling. Depending on the assignment and destination country, employees may be exposed to various hazards on and during their business trip, such as natural disasters or accidents. A comprehensive and reliable travel risk management program informs travellers about possible risks and protects them from danger.


Travelling safely - protecting employees from hazards and minimizing risks

There are various risks that travellers can be confronted with. In addition to minor travel disruptions such as strikes or cancellations of flights and trains, serious catastrophes are also possible in certain travel areas. Examples include severe natural events, terrorist attacks or serious accidents. Theft of sensitive data or loss of luggage can also cause problems for employees and their companies. This is why reliable protection on business trips is so important. After all, all employees should return from their business trip safely and in good health.

In some cases, the only sensible option is the rapid evacuation of travelers. In the event of major incidents, a mass evacuation of all employees from the affected area is carried out. med con team arranges the necessary evacuation measures and takes care of the logistics.

Repatriations to the respective home country of the traveler are also included in our Travel Risk Management Solution. Furthermore, employees can be located in an emergency using the SOS-Call App. In addition, we offer special medical training as part of our Training Center in order to prepare your employees for medical emergencies. This allows the employees to provide first aid to injured colleagues until emergency services arrive.   


The Ideal Partner for Your Travel Risk Management Needs

When sending employees abroad employers are required to ensure their safety and well-being. Professional Travel Risk Management addresses these concerns by informing travellers about potential risks and protecting them from danger. Preparation for potential issues starts even before the journey begins.  

Our Travel Risk Management Solution addresses all areas of travel security on business trips:

  • Preparation
  • Prevention
  • Support during the journey

This way, your employees are optimally protected by our travel risk management before, during and after the business trip and are comprehensively informed about current risks in the destination area. 

Our Travel Risk Managers are happy to take on this complex task for you and offer your traveling employees comprehensive protection. We develop structured crisis management and safety concepts including an emergency plan for your employees' business trips. We perform risk assessments of the destination country and take all necessary precautions to enable your employees to travel safely. In addition to assessing the destination country and determining health risks, we offer advice on the appropriate means of transportation and information on entry regulations.


Why Travel Risk Management Is Important

Legal considerations are not the only reason why employers should provide reliable travel risk management for their employees. Employees feel safer, are more motivated and more productive under the umbrella of Travel Risk Solutions. In the event of an emergency, your employees will know who to contact and will receive fast and comprehensive support. This way, both sides benefit from our Travel Security Solutions. We offer a professional all-in-one solution that includes all necessary measures. Your employees will receive comprehensive all-round protection before, during and after their trip. If you have any further questions about our Travel Risk Management, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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