SOS-Call App

The SOS-Call App is the world's first service that uses state-of-the-art technology and an international network to significantly accelerate emergency assistance. Considerable reductions in reaction times of up to several hours have been scientifically proven. The service is an important part of the travel risk management of companies.

The Problem

Particularly abroad or in remote areas, it can be difficult to make an emergency call directly via the emergency number (112 in Europe) due to various factors:

Describing your exact position in a city

Imagine yourself walking through a big city in China. How would you be able to describe your position to the local rescue control centre in case of an injury? If you carried a suitable mobile phone with you, however, your position could be precisely located by means of your GPS coordinates.

Language barrier

Imagine yourself on a stay in southern Italy. In view of the few Italian words you are familiar with, it could be extremely difficult to inform the local emergency service about what has happened and where you are in case of an emergency or an accident.

The solution

All information about the emergency case that has been collected, including a map giving your current position, will be quickly forwarded to our partner control centre abroad, which then will activate the local rescue service in the language spoken there. You can thus be sure to get help as quickly as possible.
The costs of this service can either be covered by a personal travel health insurance or by any precautions taken by the employer to this end. The SOS-Call is ideally suited to cover your company's employer management and information obligations.
Country information and risk warnings in real time can be uploaded in the app.