Individual medical training

As training center authorized by the American Heart Association med con team offers courses and certifications for various medical subjects.

For Example:

Occupational accident on an oil platform in South America

Off the South American coast. The Chief Engineer of an oil production platform has been hit by some load falling off a crane and is now in a life-threatening condition. Because of bad weather conditions, a rescue helicopter will take six hours to arrive on site. As learned and practised in a seminar before, another employee will be in a position to stabilize the vital functions of the injured person until the rescue helicopter arrives.

Medical Training - Well Prepared for Emergencies

Exceptional medical situations and accidents can occur in any working environment. Adequate medical training will ensure that your employees are well prepared for various situations and can react quickly and appropriately in medical emergencies. Our medical seminars are characterized by great variety and high practical relevance. Your employees learn from experienced instructors with special attention paid to their working environment. This provides excellent protection and is also crucial for upholding efficient work processes within the company. Below you will learn about possibilities and opportunities offered by med con team's high-quality medical training.


Training Center - Using Practical Training

Our medical training courses are application oriented. Nobody learns to swim by reading books about swimming. The same applies to medical procedures and activities. Our medical training courses combine solid specialist knowledge with practical exercises and applications. This ensures that participants can react efficiently in exceptional situations.

Advantages of our medical training:

  • Solid preparation for medical emergencies
  • Practical exercises
  • Competent and qualified instructors
  • Individual adaptation of the training courses
  • Globally recognized certifications
  • Suitable for all target audiences


Medical training according to the standard of the American Heart Association

med con team is your training center for life-saving measures for your medical staff. With our extensive range of courses, including AED, BLS, ACLS, PALS and “Train the Trainer”, we provide you with the necessary expertise and confidence to act proactively in emergency situations. The courses are designed to engage your interest and provide you with reliable knowledge of the content. We strive to ensure that participants can implement the content they have learned quickly and confidently at the end of the course.

Make sure your employees receive the best possible care with special training for medical facilities in accordance with the standards of the American Heart Association. When attending our First Aid courses for companies your employees will learn how to carry out life-saving measures until medical personnel have reached the scene of the accident to treat the employee in distress. We train your team to improve their medical skills so that they can save lives in an emergency!

Our range courses includes:

  • American Heart (Heartsaver® First Aid, BLS, ACLS, PALS, Train the Instructor)
  • Registered EMT
  • Registered Flight Paramedic and Flight Physician
  • Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C®)
  • Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (ATT)
  • Certified First Aid Training Cabin-/Cockpit Crew


Medical training - professional and individual content

We place a strong emphasis on professionalism and being up to date in our medical training courses. Your staff will always be able to provide effective assistance and deal with exceptional situations if they have acquired current theoretical and practical basics offered in our medical courses. Keeping up to date with recent developments is essential and can be achieved by regularly refreshing existing knowledge.

The training content used in our medical training is universally applicable. The skills and stress resistance acquired through med con team training can save lives in an emergency.  As the risks in an office environment, for example, are different to those in hospitals or care services, we place great importance in ensuring that the content suits the target group offering them a high level of added value. This ensures the maximum in preparation in any given situation and that everyone involved knows exactly how to react in medical emergencies at all times.


Medical seminars - high-quality materials and technologies

The best way to acquire knowledge and skills is with high-quality materials and technologies. Digitalization offers numerous possibilities for preparing content in an appealing way and presenting it in such a way that it is easy to remember and apply. We therefore use different methods and tools in our medical courses to ensure that the various pieces of information are easy to remember. These include AHA online learning videos, training AEDs with a qualified learning app and realistic training manikins.  Many participants found the transparency and accessibility of the seminars extremely enjoyable.


Medical training - learning from competent instructors

Teachers or instructors are essential for the success of any training. Participants will engage if the subject is presented in an appealing way and inspires enthusiasm. Our instructors have excellent expertise in the field, which they continuously expand and maintain current. They are real experts in their field and convey the content during medical training courses in a professional manner. The training courses are based on realistic and practical every day and work situations in hospitals, rescue centers and care services.

Our medical training instructors also have a wealth of experience in the field of aviation care. They have already conducted many training courses and prepared a large variety of participants for every conceivable exceptional situation.


Medical training - recognized worldwide

Our medical training courses are recognized worldwide and are also used by major airlines. This is reflected in the various certifications. Certification ensures that the skills can be used worldwide and are not limited to specific locations or types of accidents. They are also a great help in assessing the quality and validity of medical training. Therefore, every participant receives a certificate after completing a course as proof of competence, which is also advantageous when applying for a job.


Medical training - perfect for a wide range of target groups

There are many situations in which rapid and courageous medical intervention is required. For example, if an employee on an oil rig is hit by a component but a rescue helicopter will take several hours to arrive, the injured person must be treated by the employees on site. This they will be able to do professionally and effectively once they have received efficient medical training, which they can then apply. 

When choosing us for your medical training you can rely on expertise and quality. We bring a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience to the table, which we put to good use for you and your staff. We offer a good balance of proven procedures and innovative, creative and modern methods. You can therefore rely on a high level of reliability and benefit greatly from the seminars.

Our medical training courses are aimed at people who have already completed medical training or work in hospitals or care services. The content can be taught to individual employees as well as large teams. We make sure that our courses are perfectly tailored to you and your needs. This means you get exactly the medical training courses you need and from which you and your employees will benefit in your specific working environment. If you have any further questions about medical training, please feel free to contact us at any time

med con team is the first training centre certified in Germany by the American Heart Association with a large number of its own renowned training centres in Europe.

Since 2012 med con team has been running medical trainings as local representative of AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians).

Your benefits with med con team

Practice-oriented Training

Experienced instructors

Adaptation of trainings to the operational environment

Ultimate quality of courses complying with the latest standards

Globally recognized certifications