Individual medical training

In order to be able to offer our customers further added value, the medical portfolio of med con team has been expanded to include medical training. In many cases it is imperative that medical measures are initiated immediately in order to save a patient.

For Example:

Occupational accident on an oil platform in South America

Off the South American coast. The Chief Engineer of an oil production platform has been hit by some load falling off a crane and is now in a life-threatening condition. Because of bad weather conditions, a rescue helicopter will take six hours to arrive on site. As learned and practised in a seminar before, another employee will be in a position to stabilize the vital functions of the injured person until the rescue helicopter arrives.

med con team is the first training centre certified in Germany by the American Heart Association with a large number of its own renowned training centres in Europe.

Since 2012 med con team has been running medical trainings as local representative of AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians).

Your benefits with med con team

Practice-oriented Training

Experienced instructors

Adaptation of trainings to the operational environment

Ultimate quality of courses complying with the latest standards

Globally recognized certifications