Comprehensive medical and security services for remote areas

Worldwide support and medical assessments for locations, major projects, and customer orders.

med con team is a leading provider of on-site medical analysis for major projects abroad. Get the complete medical solution for your next overseas project.

For example

Case study Amazon

A large German electrical company wanted to build a power plant with a long power line in the middle of the Amazon. It turned out that the nearest hospital was 70 km away and the emergency service only went as far as the river in between the two. 

Since fast transport is especially vital for trauma patients and an air rescue service does not exist in this region in Brazil, med con team was commissioned to create a concept so that a patient can adequately be cared for on-site and transported directly.

In the end, local, American Heart certified, emergency paramedics were deployed, supported by telemedicine. Every employee had access to the SOS-call, which also worked in the area of the construction site as well as in the city. A suitable ambulance was kept on site and communication was optimized via satellite. Ultimately a concept was developed that fully covered the employer's duty of care and showed employees that the construction site was well prepared for serious medical emergencies.

Your benfits with med con team

Initial medical assessment by experienced medical specialists and emergency physicians

24/7 alarm center as a point of contact for your employees

Health information of standardized diseases

Coverage of special risks for large projects

Worldwide network of local caregivers and medical professionals

Access to a worldwide database of doctors and hospitals

Provision of medical personnel

Provision of emergency services

Support of the client's medical service

Recommendations for on-site medical equipment

Evacuation solutions for emergency situations

Worldwide emergency SOS-call, also via satellite phone

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Health information on standardized diseases

Current health information about the destination and standardized selected diseases is provided. These are the most common diseases that an employee may come in contact with during these assignments. For example, in the case of malaria, the local risk is identified. Prophylaxis or vaccination recommendations are completed by the customer's medical service.

Special risks in large projects

med con team checks which country-specific diseases or risks (e.g. poisonous animals) are relevant locally. It is also assessed whether local care (e.g. trauma care or presence of antisera) is sufficient or whether other measures are necessary. Recommendations for optimization are provided.

Distances and transport options

Particularly in large-scale projects in remote areas, the distances and characteristics of evacuation routes are crucial for the rapid transport of a seriously ill or injured patients. Recommendations on ground or air transport options are made on the basis of the many years of experience of our medical specialists, most of whom are experienced in air rescue.

Support of the medical service

med con teams emergency physicians are available 24/7 to discuss the current data provided, make further optimizations requested by the customer, or evaluate risks.

Provision of medical personnel

med con team sends medical professionals for larger remote client projects. Doctors, paramedics, and nurses on site are supported by telemedicine from our German medical team or renowned hospitals.

Provision of emergency care units

med con team offers the possibility to provide an emergency station or a medical container in remote areas, so that medical first aid can be provided directly on-site by medical professionals. This solution provides many advantages if the large project (e.g. a construction site) is located in a remote area. Here, the nearest local hospital often cannot be reached quickly enough due to the distance in order to ensure rapid initial medical care.