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med con team is your professional contact when it comes to complex medical questions.

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Employees often have to travel to tropical countries on short notice and need the necessary vaccinations as well as the obligatory preventive care.

Within a week, the most important medical data and the traveler's vaccination records are checked and - if necessary - additional examinations by the family doctor are recommended. Patient then consults with the med con team doctor at short notice and receives detailed advice. The doctor-patient consultation is conducted via video conference and information is stored in a digital patient file. In addition, the patient receives detailed information on the respective country of travel.

Thanks to the rapid implementation of occupational health care, the traveler receives advice that would not have been possible in the usual way of consulting with a registered occupational physician.

Medical services - expert assistance

Medical issues play a major role in all companies. Every company must fulfill an employer’s duty of care and ensure that its employees are protected in the best possible way at all times. This is not always easy, especially when working abroad. Many companies therefore rely on our medical services. We provide fast and competent help for your employees with medical issues of all kinds. We offer a wide range of support from expert opinions and second opinions to pandemic planning and disaster management. Here you will learn about the opportunities and strengths of our medical services. Explore how you can use them to cover your employer's duty of care in a simple and practical way.


Medical services - medical assessments for professionals and laypersons

You can refer medical questions that arise within your company to our specialists. Our medical center will address them clearly and in accordance with all applicable guidelines. This means that decision-makers and employees alike know how to react in exceptional medical situations and can efficiently help those affected in acute emergencies.

Our medical center attaches great importance to transparency and comprehensibility. The content we provide is not aimed exclusively at a specialist audience but will also be understood by laypersons. This is the only way to ensure that all relevant departments in a company can make sense of the technical explanations and use them for their work processes.

This is how we support you with our medical services:

  • Medical assessments
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Provision of medical infrastructure
  • Second medical opinions
  • Vaccination recommendations
  • Pandemic planning and exercises
  • Professional audits
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical escort for patients
  • Worldwide emergency outpatient clinics
  • E-learning
  • Disaster drills and emergency training


Medical services - Preparation of expert opinions

Risk management works well for most companies in their native environment. They are familiar with the local risks and can take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their employees. However, this is often not the case abroad. Globally active companies in particular benefit from our medical services. We prepare professional reports that also take different countries and fields of activity into account and provide assessments of the dangers and risks, as well as basic medical care on site.

Even a simple initial assessment will give you a good impression of where and how your employees are protected on site. This allows you to take targeted protective measures and prepare for all eventualities. As part of our medical services, we recommend specific measures that companies can take to fulfill their duty of care as an employer.


Medical services - setting up medical infrastructure

Depending on the location, the establishment of medical infrastructure may consist of designation of suitable medical facilities and planning of measures in the event of life-threatening incidents. Furthermore, additional modules such as use of telemedicine, provision of medical personnel or the establishment of a complete emergency ambulance service may be necessary. Appropriate measures are proposed by our medical services in form of a clear and simple risk analysis.


Medical services - preparation of second opinions

In some situations, it is advisable to obtain a second medical opinion. This gives you as comprehensive a picture of a medical question as possible and enables you to respond appropriately. Expert opinions are drawn up by medical specialists in the relevant fields. These are all recognized experts with a high level of expertise and experience. The current medical guidelines are considered as the basis for the reports. All conceivable specialties are covered making ideal help available to you for every situation.


Medical services - professional pandemic planning

Pandemics occur again and again and represent a considerable burden for companies. Planning for such cases beforehand can significantly alleviate this pressure. Together with our medical team even regular pandemic drills can be organized. This way the entire workforce knows how to react in the event of a pandemic and how best to protect themselves, customers and work processes.

There are various aspects to pandemic planning including organization of protective measures, adaptation of work processes, prevention of infection and much more. Our medical services provide simple and efficient pandemic support including medical audits, telemedical care and a pandemic hotline. We support you in setting up emergency outpatient clinics and offer medical and safety E-Learning services. In combination with disaster drills and emergency training, your staff will be optimally trained and able to respond professionally to a pandemic.


Medical services - Telemedicine? Modern, practical working methods

We place great importance on the implementation of modern measures and methods. Telemedicine in particular provides excellent services in medical emergencies. We also stand for a good balance of specialist knowledge and practical applications. We support you in crisis planning and prevention but also help in acute emergency situations by using simple communication channels. This way you can use specialist knowledge efficiently and practically to get existing problems under control. If you have any further questions about our medical services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Further individual solutions

Medical and safety audits in remote areas

Telemedical care

Medical escort service incl. equipment

Setting up of emergency outpatient clinics

Medical and safety e-learning and training

Disaster exercises

Integration of modern technology such as telemedicine and video conferencing

Simulation and emergency training for personnel