Telemedical services

med con team offers telemedicine services which can be provided internationally and in different languages. Join the complete telemedical solution for your employees, policyholders, or your family members.

For Example

Case study Thailand

A patient in Thailand has pain and problems with wound healing on her left forearm after an operation in a state hospital.

As the patient is an expat of a large international company and lives outside the city, she would like to have the wound examined by German specialists and save the trip to the local hospital. Since not all Thai people speak English, she also faces a language barrier. Through the telemedicine solution of doctor-to-patient video conferencing, the patient can book a suitable appointment in the med con team online portal and speak directly with a German doctor. The med con team physician performs a wound check and offers advice on further treatment. After the consultation, the patient has been informed of how to further deal with the painful wound, what medication she needs, and could book another appointment in 7 days directly after the wound check to discuss the progress of the healing again with a med con team doctor.


24/7 alarm center as contact for all concerns

Online portal for access to doctor-to-patient conferences

Telemedicine portal independent of the operating system of a smartphone or computer

No additional installation of an app necessary

Digital waiting room and personal appointment scheduling

Provision of second medical opinions

Health information for many diseases

Medical measures such as diagnostics, therapy, check-up, or treatments can be carried out over long distances, regardless of location or time

Physician and hospital recommendations worldwide

Various specialists available, depending on customer requirements and diagnosis

G35 Tropical fitness check for travelers abroad via video consultation