Mass Evacuation

Due to terrorism, political unrest, natural disasters and other major disasters,
travellers can quickly be involved in emergency situations.

Worldwide crisis and evacuation after major disasters

In order to be able to offer the traveller on site and also the employer a solution for these, mostly complex situations, med con team has been a top provider of crisis management and mass evacuation for more than 10 years. This service is part of med con team’s Travel Risk Management and supports your employer's welfare obligation.

med con team takes over the medical responsibility for you during the evacuation measures and coordinates the logistics. The necessary information about the situation in the crisis area is obtained in cooperation with international partners, experienced security specialists and emergency physicians worldwide.

Since such events are usually complex to plan, med con team has developed a detailed sequence of actions to be able to react quickly and in a coordinated manner in an emergency. Large-capacity aircraft and ambulance jets are used simultaneously to evacuate your employees from the crisis area.