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For example

Emergency on board

A passenger on a long-distance flight from Hong-Kong to Frankfurt/Main, Germany, suddenly suffers from unpredictable chest pain and dizziness. Via satellite, the crew immediately initiates a telephone conference with the doctor on duty at med con team. The doctor, considering the patient’s condition,, the flight coordinates and the lack of possibility to return to the departure airport, proposes how to treat the patient in the present emergency situation and recommends to continue the. Three hours later the plane lands at the Rhein-Main airport. Further medical support on the ground, including immediate transport to the University Hospital in Frankfurt after landing, has already well organized.

Your benefits with med con team

24/7 alarm centre with worldwide protection

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The best medical treatment for your passengers in case of an emergency on board

Experienced and specialized doctors from air rescue for telemedical support

Competent support and decision support for the cockpit crew

Intermediate landings can be avoided

Own worldwide hospital database for medical stopovers

Cockpit and Cabin First Aid courses for your flight personnel

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Medical Gate Screening

Empfehlungen für das medizinische Equipment an Bord

Recommendations for on-board medical equipment

MEDIF approval within a few hours