Aviation Care Program

Our complete medical solution for airlines, private jet providers and corporate flight services.

For example

Emergency on board

A passenger on a long-distance flight from Hong-Kong to Frankfurt/Main, Germany, suddenly suffers from unpredictable chest pain and dizziness. Via satellite, the crew immediately initiates a telephone conference with the doctor on duty at med con team. As the flight cannot return to the departure airport the doctor, considering the patient’s condition, proposes how to treat the patient in the present emergency situation and recommends to continue the flight. Three hours later the plane lands at the Rhein-Main airport. Further medical support on the ground, including immediate transport to the University Hospital in Frankfurt after landing, has already been organized in advance.

Aviation Care - Safety in The Air

When dealing with medical emergencies aboard an aircraft competent support can be essential. Our 24/7 Aviation Care service provides you with expert advice and decision-making at any given time. This ensures that all passengers and employees receive the best possible care and quick and competent assistance. Find out how our Aviation Care Service can assist you in ensuring that your aviation operations are always covered adequately.


Medical Flight Assistance - Optimal Treatment through Aviation Care

Our Aviation Care service includes a 24/7 emergency hotline. We are available for you around the clock and our competent and experienced staff will support you with all your concerns. In acute emergencies on an aircraft quick and competent action is required. There is no time to remain on hold for a long time to get the necessary information. With our Aviation Care you, your employees and your passengers will always receive the best possible support.

With med con team’s Aviation Care service, you can provide your passengers with worldwide support and the best medical care on board your aircraft. You always know exactly what options you have and what opportunities and risks are associated with them. This means that your staff are less likely to be overwhelmed and exceptional situations and acute cases of illness are dealt with in a professional and systematic manner.


Advantages of our Aviation Care Service:

  • Reachable 24/7
  • Best medical care on airplanes
  • Telemedical support from competent and experienced doctors
  • Decision support for the cockpit crew
  • Avoidance of stopovers
  • A worldwide hospital database
  • Recommendations for medical equipment
  • Fast MEDIF clearance
  • Medical care for the crew
  • Mass evacuations and disaster management support
  • Worldwide availability


Aviation Care - Everyone Is Included

In the event of a medical emergency, it is helpful to have medical equipment on board. Our Aviation Care Service offers comprehensive advice on which aids are particularly suitable in such situations. This allows you to make informed decisions on which equipment to take on board the aircraft. Your crew will also receive competent and comprehensive first aid training so that they can help quickly and correctly.

Our Aviation Care Service takes care of everyone aboard: The team in the cockpit receives expert advice and can therefore easily find the best solution for everyone involved. This often avoids stopovers. However, if a stopover is absolutely necessary, your flight operations team can rely on quick and professional support when arranging medical care for both passengers and crew. Regardless of the medical emergency, patients will receive the best possible care and exactly the help they need.

Medical emergencies and exceptional situations also place considerable physical and mental strain on the crew. That is why our Aviation Care Service ensures that they receive the best possible care and medical treatment during layover times. They receive support in coming to terms with difficult situations and dealing with it in such a way that they do not suffer themselves


Medical In-Flight Assistance - The Benefits of Digitalization in Aviation Care

Everyone is probably familiar with the famous question from movies: "Is there a doctor on board?" In everyday life however, the answer is not always positive. For this eventuality our Aviation Care Service offers a sensible alternative using the possibilities of digitalization to ensure competent medical advice is available on the aircraft.

Telemedicine offers the opportunity to communicate with a doctor even if none is available on the plane. Many patients already use such services from home, but telemedicine can also be used when in the air. This allows the crew to communicate with a doctor, describe the exceptional situation and obtain professional advice.

Aviation Care - Quick Action for Stopovers

We usually try to avoid stopovers with our Aviation Care service. In most cases, it is possible to provide patients with adequate care without having to significantly disrupt flight operations. In some situations however, stopovers cannot be avoided. We then ensure that medical assistance is arranged efficiently to reduce the amount of time required. This is not only in the interests of flight operations, but also an advantage for patients as we ensure that patients are taken directly and immediately to a suitable hospital after the stopover.


Aviation Care - The Correct Handling of Data

Data plays an important role in medical emergencies. The more information doctors have about a patient and a case, the more accurate the diagnosis they can make and the better the help they can provide. Our Aviation Care Service ensures that all the information and data needed in an exceptional medical situation is available as quickly as possible.

We provide a worldwide hospital database that can be accessed. This enables us to find the facility that is best suited to the patient's situation and region as quickly as possible.


Air Ambulance Services - Fast and Safe Transportation Home

Another essential component of our Aviation Care Service is air rescue with transportation home. It is not always appropriate for patients to spend a long time in a hospital in another country or city. We take care of prompt and appropriate repatriation to support the recovery of the patient in the best way possible. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in this area allowing our travel risk management to ensure medically appropriate and justifiable repatriation.


Aviation Care – Other Services

In some cases, it is not just individuals but many passengers on an aircraft who are affected by an exceptional medical situation. In such a case, we organize optimal mass evacuations for you and offer professional and competent disaster management support. Thanks to Aviation Care, you are well prepared for any situation so panic reactions and the resulting difficulties can be avoided. If you have any further questions about Aviation Care, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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24/7 alarm centre with worldwide protection

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The best medical treatment for your passengers in case of an emergency on board

Experienced and specialized doctors from air rescue for telemedical support

Competent support and decision support for the cockpit crew

Intermediate landings can be avoided

Own worldwide hospital database for medical stopovers

Cockpit and Cabin First Aid courses for your flight personnel

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Recommendations for on-board medical equipment

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