24/7 Emergency Hotline

International business requires an ever greater mobility of companies and their employees. However, the success of your global business depends on the safety and well-being of your employees. Our 24/7-Emergency Hotline offers you and your employees an all-round carefree solution abroad.

For example

Stay safe and healthy abroad

An architect of a medium-sized company sustains a hand injury on a construction site in Tianjin (China) and needs medical treatment. The local hospital requires payment in advance for the treatment but does not accept her credit card. med con team checks the costs and issues the hospital with a cost transfer guarantee. The patient’s treatment takes place the same day. Payment in advance by the patient is no longer necessary.

Your benefits with med con team

Professional medical and safety care for all patients

Access to our alarm centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Local doctor's recommendations and cost transfer for medical care

Close cooperation with your health insurance and your own medical service. Evacuation and repatriation of your employees in emergencies

Fulfilment of the employer's statutory duty of care

Minimization of travel risks - prevention by information and professional preparation

Increased safety and well-being for employers, employees and family members