Worldwide Cruise Line Care Solution

Worldwide medical disembarkation and guest care services abroad, including COVID 19 care.

med con team is the world leader in land-based medical assistance services for cruise lines, their guests and crew members.  Get on board with the complete medical solution for cruise and river cruise companies.

For example

COVID 19 Case on Board (COVID 19 Safe Port Plan)

After 5 people tested positive for COVID 19 during a COVID 19 test aboard a cruise ship, the on-board hospital reports the case to the med con team alert center, and requests assistance for the upcoming disembarkation.

Those individuals who tested positive for COVID 19 as well as any people they had contact with will be picked up from the ship at the next port, and transportation will be arranged from the port to the nearby quarantine hotel or hospital. During the quarantine period, the med con team and the local attendants at the place of disembarkation will assist the disembarked guests on a daily basis, care for all non-medical concerns, and document vital signs daily such as temperature, oxygen saturation if applicable, and any symptoms that occur.  

The client will receive daily information and updates on what is happening on-site. Working closely with the cruise line, local health authorities, and med con team's local partners, the affected guests and crew members are cared for daily and a safe journey home is organized once the quarantine process is complete.

Your benefits with med con team

COVID 19 Safe Port concept (ports where quarantine infrastructure is available)

Local non-medical attendants at almost all cruise ports worldwide

24/7 alarm center with worldwide network (linking "24 hr Emergency Hotline)

Experienced and specialized emergency physicians for telemedical support

Competent support and aid in decision making for medical disembarkations

Isolated transport for COVID 19 patients at safe port locations

Access to a worldwide hospital database for medical disembarkations

Dedicated customer-oriented service number to continue the customer journey

Access to crisis and disaster evacuation

Up-to-date listing of quarantine hotels at ports of call

Medical support and cost control for crew disembarkations

Doctor or hospital recommendations

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med con team GmbH is the world market leader for shore-based medical assistance services for cruise and river cruise companies with worldwide solutions for medical disembarkations and the support and organization of COVID 19 related disembarkations.

Through its own network of employees at ports since 2013 and through the 24/7/365 med con team GmbH alarm center, any medical disembarkation can be supervised and carried out as requested by the on-board hospital, the guest, crew team, or the port authorities.

For many years, med con team GmbH has optimized and improved the complete medical disembarkation process for cruise customers.  That is why guests and crew members, despite travel interruptions, have felt safe and have given  positive feedback about medical and non-medical services of the cruise operators. Through the medical specialists and senior emergency physicians working for med con team, a unique worldwide care concept for COVID 19 disembarkations has been created for corporate and cruise customers.

COVID-19 disembarkations

To enable med con team GmbH's cruise customers to offer trips despite the ongoing pandemic and increasing infection rates, COVID-19 shore-based safe port concepts are continuously being developed by med con team. Together with the on-board hygiene concept, these are submitted to the local authorities at the respective destinations.  Only through these comprehensive documents are permits for the use of the port granted. Thus, an important contribution is made by the team so that the cruise with guests can be resumed.

The team from Reutlingen, Germany organizes the following services, among others, for COVID-19 disembarkations:

  • Isolated transport of symptomatic patients from the port to the local hospital
  • Isolated transport of asymptomatic patients from the port to the designated quarantine hotel
  • Details of COVID 19 testing sites for antigen and PCR testing after on-site quarantine
  • Daily telemedicine care for disembarked guests/crew
  • Daily non-medical care during the quarantine period

Through the planned measures in each of the cruise customer's safe ports, it is possible for the guest, local authorities, the cruise line, and their staff to sail with confidence. To date, no further spread of COVID 19 infection to bystanders has been detected on board due to careful implementation of shore-based hygiene concepts. In our own studies, which have not yet been published, we have been able to establish that the risk of being infected with COVID 19 on board a cruise ship is currently significantly lower than at home. 

Together with our customers, we are taking important stepts to continue to make cruises safe worldwide.