To meet economy’s needs for exactly tailor-made solutions and against the background of an ever increasing globalization, the medical industry is obliged to develop individual solutions.

We here at med con team have set ourselves the goal to implement special projects so as to be able to offer to our customers customized solutions.
The below-listed examples give an outline of our most important reference projects:

  • Medical and Security Audits in remote areas
  • Telemedical Care
  • Supply of medical professionals
  • Assistance and monitoring by a physician
  • Set-up of emergency rooms
  • Provision of life saving appliances, including rescue helicopters
  • E-learning and training on site

Medical Risk Management

Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, being well prepared for a medical emergency can substantially reduce your health risk.

Emergencies happen at the least expected moments and even the best medical assistances or rescue services cannot make sure to immediately arrive on-site. Consequently, it is essential to be prepared and to simulate possible risks.
med con team will always offer you the best possible solution.

Risk Management offered by med con team:

  • A clearly measurable risk reduction
  • Viable solutions
  • Emergency drill
  • Implementation of modern technology such as telemedicine
  • Pandemic drill
  • Simulation and emergency training for staff members
  • Alarm Center – available 24 hours/7 days a week

Together with our partners, we offer you an individual solution to your medical projects. Just give us a call! We will be happily prepared to provide you with assistance and advice on the many different options.

M.A.R.S. – the solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Medical assistance and travel safety for small and medium-sized businesses: A jointly developed product by med con team, Corporate Trust and A3M.

  • Including SOS-Call
  • Including country database
  • Available at a monthly contribution of 300 Euro