Training Center

American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

med con team is the American Heart Association’s longest standing training center in Germany.
The American Heart Association currently has 30 renowned training centers within the European region.


The Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT) is an independent organisation providing internationally recognized certification of professional health personnel. The AREMT Certificate serves as evidence of professional training and is recognized in countries such as Australia, China, Oceania, South-East Asia, as well as in different regions of Great Britain, to name but a few. Moreover, in other countries such as the USA, for example, it simplifies the certification process on a national level.

med con team has been AREMT’s local representative since 2012.

Providing emergency medical treatment in tactical environments and/or in remote areas is particularly challenging for medical staff.

Developed from our long track record of experience in remote areas, med con team, in collaboration with TREMA e.V, ISRMP and IAFCCP, is in a position to offer suitable solutions in order to adequately counter these challenges

TEAM - Trauma Evaluation and Management American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

med con team offers certified trauma courses, individually adaptable to your respective environment and taught by experienced instructors with the proper clinical and preclinical background. Superior quality and up-to-date instructions can be guaranteed not only as a result of the close cooperation with expert associations but also thanks to our experienced instructors.


EMPACT stands for a structured approach, comparable to the one known from courses in the preclinical traumatology. It offers an integrated and practical approach to the care of non-traumatological patients.


  • First Aid Course Cabin Crew (JAR/OPS)
  • First Aid Course Cockpit Crew (JAR/OPS)
  • First Aid Training Cabin- / Cockpit Crew (JAR/OPS)
  • Crew Resource Management Training
  • Medizinische Terminologie und Recherche 
  • Notfallmanagement und -training 
  • Risikomanagement und -training 
  • Pädagogische Fortbildung für Trainer und Mentoren